Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are about way more than simply food consumption. Typically, they are more about the individual’s lack of feeling good about themselves, accepting and/or loving themselves. Struggles with food and body image often become a consuming part of the person’s life. Here are some common symptoms:

  • unhealthy eating patterns (restrictive or bingeing)
  • obsession or preoccupation with one’s weight
  • obsession or preoccupation with food
  • body image concerns
  • frequently weighing oneself or excessively exercising
  • rapid fluctuation in weight
  • self-induced vomiting or abusing laxatives or diet pills
  • menstruation cycle changes or becomes irregular
  • poor dental health
  • depression, anxiety and / or moodiness

The result can be a dysfunctional relationship with food whereby the person feels compelled to restricting their intake, to binge and/or to purge. Feelings of guilt, remorse, fear, agitation and/or shame are common.

Left untreated, eating disorders can lead to serious emotional and physical consequences. For this reason, early intervention is critical. Chantal understands eating disorders and how they affect a person’s body image and relationship with food. She will help the individual understand how and why their eating problem developed, to learn skills to overcome any anxiety they have about their weight and to develop respect for themselves, their body and their life so that they can enjoy a healthy self-image and maintain a healthy weight range.

Chantal's approach to treating eating disorders is guided by training by the largest agent of Eating Disoders professionals in Australia - The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders (ACFED). Through training with ACFED, Chantal has learned the expert skills needed to best help anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

If you are stuck thinking way more about eating and food portions than you should be, Chantal can help you to get your life back on track.

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