Fees & Rebates

Standard consultation: $170

Couples counselling: $190

After hours (8am and 5pm+): $180 / Saturdays: $195

Concession: $99.75 (scheduled Medicare fee)


Medicare Rebates
Medicare provides 10 sessions per calendar year for clients who qualify to access the Mental Health Scheme. Book an appointment to see your GP for a “Mental Health Plan Assessment”.  If your GP decides that you are eligible, ask to receive psychological consultations with Chantal Kayem and then bring the referral to our clinic. Medicare rebates will refund $84.80 per session. After 6 sessions, request a letter from Chantal Kayem and take it to your GP to request an additional 4 sessions.

Private Health Insurance Rebates
Chantal Kayem is registered with most private health insurance agencies. The amount of rebate that you will receive will depend on your private health agency and your level of cover.










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